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LDAP is a protocol, So any program that can understand and communicate with the LDAP protocol can be referred to as an LDAP client. There are numerous client implementations of the LDAP protocol. Some are bundled with respective server software and some based on API.

LDAP client can be divided in three group: API library, directory browser and LDAP-aware server application.

Directory browsers are used directly by people to find telephone number, edit LDAP data, etc... LDAP-aware server applications are software such as mail server, web application, etc... that can store data on a LDAP server and user LDAP for user authentication.


LDAP browsing/administration software

Almost all Directory Server vendors provide their own LDAP client/Management tools

(in alphabetical order)

Application Description Website Licence
GOsa2 web based, manage samba2/3, pureftpd, postfix, cyrus-imap, kolab, asterisk, gofax, posix, netatalk, glpi, etc... GPL
Softerra LDAP Administrator Windows evaluation and commercial
Softerra LDAP Browser Windows freeware
LDAP Admin Windows, Delphi freeware
LDAPSoft LDAP Browser Windows, Linux freeware
LDAP Admin Tool Windows, Linux evaluation and commercial
FusionDirectory Web based, From a simple Web browser allows you to set and manage the various components of your information system. FusionDirectory Free Software under GLPv2

Mail client with LDAP addressbook

(in alphabetical order)

Application Website Licence
Mozilla Thunderbird opensource

Web-based LDAP addressbook/gateway

(in alphabetical order)

Application Description Website Licence
aWebDap Web front-end to LDAP  ?
LABE A web-based LDAP Address Book Editor. It makes the setup and use of LDAP addressbooks easy and strives to support a wide range of client software. GPL
Novell XLDAP Servlet Servlet to access LDAP using SQL query language, with query results returned as XML. free
Rolodap Rolodap is an open source database for storing an organization's contacts information. It uses PHP and LDAP. GPL
WAP gateway Browsing an LDAP Directory with WAP article
web2ldap A Python based web-based LDAPv3 client GPL2

Wiki software with LDAP authentication support

(in alphabetical order)

Application Description Website Licence
LDAP Authentication extension for MediaWiki GPL

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